BACK Formed in the Timeless Chamber a hundred years ago, the world of Plagarma is a children's world. A world for them to meet, do magic and play in safety. But alongside Plagarma is Dargarma. This is a world of nightmares and home to creatures of mythology. These creatures use Night Walkers to patrol the edge of the two worlds, where they will snatch any unwary child, straying into Dargarma. Once taken, that child is lost forever. The Story of Plagarma The magic that holds Plagarma together is weakening. A child needs to take the long and dangerous journey into the Timeless mountains, through Underground World, to restore the magic. Join Daz, Mitch, Claire and Tracy as they and other children, battle to keep their world together and safe...   The World of Plagarma © KEITH HOARE 2010